Community of Cayuga, Texas


United States Post Office Cayuga, Texas 75832  A post office was opened in 1894, W. A. Davenport, a native of Cayuga, New York was the first postmaster.  A forerunner to Cayuga was settlement called  Wild Cat Bluff, Texas which flourished briefly on the Trinity, River. 

North of the post office and FM 59 on Hwy 287 the Cayuga General Store.  Click here for more.

Pictured left Cayuga school, right Bethel General Store. Today the Cayuga High School Mascot is the Wildcats.   In 1972 the Cayuga school was moved four miles south of Cayuga to Bethel, Texas.  Click here for more history.


Pictured above is the Bethel Cayuga Volunteer Fire Department between Bethel and Cayuga, Texas.

Cayuga Assembly of God Church, telephone number (903) 499-2262, holds worship services Sundays at 10:45 a.m.  

Across Texas Highway 287 from the Bethel Cayuga Volunteer Fire Department visitors and Texans are welcomed by the best of colors!




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